Commuter in a sentence

Definition of Commuter

a person traveling a great distance to work every day

Use Commuter in a sentence

I usually read books as a commuter to work.

More commuters would be attracted to cycling if there were enough bicycle routes.

Two commuter trains crashed this morning in London, killing ten people and injuring scores of others.

There is little provision for bicycle commuters on the majority of the main roads in this city.

According to a recently passed municipal bylaw, any new large commercial buildings that are built here have to include showers and lock-up space for bicycle commuters.

If the bus company lowered fares and improved service, I think the number of commuters riding the buses would increase significantly.

Seating on the world’s first scheduled commuter airplane flight consisted of moveable wicker chairs.

The train was only stationary long enough for a few commuters to hop on.

Almost every weekday morning, free tissues are distributed to Japanese commuters by workers of the companies whose messages and advertisements are printed on the package.