communicating in a sentence

One of their greatest difficulties was communicating with authorities.

After just a few minutes of communicating, he sent a photo of his genitals.

The quick response (QR) code is capable of communicating much more information.

She’s communicating better with her husband and she’s nearly finished her novel.

While her daughter has a high IQ, Beegle said, she has a hard time communicating.

Police report he was communicating with EMT’s when he was taken away by ambulance.

Burke said that analyses show that the party has not been communicating well enough.

This could be useful for communicating secrets when not all the parties are trusted.”

Beasley has said that Mills began communicating with Fogle after they met at an event.

He said communicating better with his ex-wife is also in the children’s best interest.

Or perhaps these women were feeling the positive effects of communicating with friends.

Force was a lead agent in the case and was the main investigator communicating with Ulbricht.

Also making sure that we’re getting up there and communicating and ultimately just executing.

But Rennie argues that publishing in scientific journals is not communicating with the public.

No. On social networks we – perhaps, erroneously – believe we’re communicating with our friends.

Sure they’re all communicating via video link but is that a fax machine we see in the background?

The one who’s ahead guides the one behind, said Machado, 45. “We go along communicating like that.

Crouch was granted a protection order under the law that prevents Snell from communicating with him.

“The one who’s ahead guides the one behind,” said Machado, 45. “We go along communicating like that.

“I was communicating clearly; I wanted a sense of urgency on this case to get the results out there.