commitment in a sentence

We’ve already had a family commitment.

I’ve got another commitment this evening.

You’ve got to carry out your commitment at all costs.

Her family commitments have prevented her from taking on a full-time job.

By getting married, one person deepens his or her commitment to the other.

Research shows that religious commitment varies significantly between countries.

Your commitment to the project has been a big part of the reason for its success.

The Prime Minister made a commitment to increase health care spending if re-elected.

Staying motivated is essential to making physical activity a long-term lifestyle commitment.

Switzerland has long retained its commitment to neutrality in conflicts between its neighbors.

The President himself visited the troops in Iraq to underline his commitment to stopping terrorism.

commitment, dedication and a social conscious are important virtues for followers of the Sikh faith.

With their frantic schedule of work and family commitments, they found it difficult to take time off.

A recent American study observed that religious commitment was negatively related to social compassion.

The Swedish government’s commitment to fiscal discipline resulted in a strong budgetary surplus in 2001.

His lifestyle is just not compatible with ideas such as commitment and responsibility in a relationship.

Many nations of Asia and the Pacific are making substantial commitments to conserving their natural resources.

She broke up with her boyfriend because he didn’t seem to want to make the commitment to having a serious relationship.

The Presidents of the two countries symbolically released a pair of doves to illustrate their commitment to the peace process.