commercially in a sentence

Not yet grown commercially, but it will probably be.

Not recorded commercially or performed for broadcast.

However, they are not allowed to be commercially sold.

As far as is known, it was never commercially produced.

On the west coast Elf is a commercially fished species.

Many games in the series have been commercially successful.

Reception Super Mario 64 DS has been commercially successful.

Loose Mate is commercially available in much of North America.

The hit song ushered in the era of commercially released hip hop.

For some reason it was never issued commercially or promotionally.

The town exploded commercially and experienced a boom in population.

Commercial reception The album became a massive success commercially.

Products for recoating the fabric are becoming commercially available.

Gramophone recordings of the palace band were made and sold commercially.

The “Privateer March” was the first commercially published Triangle song.

Critical reaction The film was well-received critically and commercially.

Much like that album, Zooropa was critically and commercially successful.

Only 50 percent of SABESP’s treated wastewater is being used commercially.

Influence Street has a reputation for producing commercially viable music.

Once again this exhibition was both commercially and critically successful.