comic strips in a sentence

He already had experience creating comic strips .

The comic strips and derivative movie serials greatly popularized science fiction.

I never read comic strips as a kid.

Some comic strips have been accused of bias.

Several comic strips based on the series were published.

Three comic strips , three illustrated text stories and eighteen features.

Blake has been quoted in comic strips as well.

She has also been featured in comic strips and mass merchandising.

This project is just a viewer of such comic strips .

As anyone who reads comic strip collections knows, comic strips evolve.

Ahab appears quite frequently in humorous comic strips and cartoons.

New Moomin comic books and comic strips were published.

Several comic strips make use of MIT.

As newspapers have declined, the changes have affected comic strips .

The majority of traditional newspaper comic strips have some Internet presence.

comic strips have also been published in Sunday newspaper magazines.

Naturally, Cole had been a fan of newspaper comic strips .

His contributions primarily consisted of comic strips , cartoons and humor writing.

Disney comics are comic books and comic strips featuring Walt Disney characters.

The Chappe telegraph appeared in contemporary fiction and comic strips .