come along in a sentence

The watch tower is coming along nicely.

How are the online tools coming along ?

That is the reason why hybrids came along .

A better type of hip replacement comes along .

There were feet coming along towards me.

The others are coming along even faster.

Then the state budget crisis came along .

You should wait until the right opportunity comes along .

The pair came along inspecting the troops.

How is your quilt catalog project coming along ?

Until the next pretty face came along .

The new record is coming along great!

He took whatever opportunity came along to promote himself.

There was very little connection until you came along .

New drug combinations and more novel drugs are coming along .

How is his hip surgery recovery coming along ?

Finally the fish came along side nice 32 inch fish.

I do hope something comes along soon.

A species that thrived – until modern man came along .

Your bad guy’s backstory is really coming along nicely.

The Linux game engines are coming along .

But grid connections are coming along , too.

That is until DA 2 came along .

The land was beautiful well before we ever came along .

Coaching cub football came along with the job.