Combatant in a sentence

Definition of Combatant

an armed fighting person or group

Use Combatant in a sentence

The terrorist group is believed to have about 200 combatants all around the country.

The conflict resulted from a clash between the usual combatants in the area.

World War II’s combatant nations used dogs for various applications, including mine detection, carrying dispatches, and sentry and patrol duty.

It is hard to compete with terrorism as there is no distinction between civilian and combatant.

In the game, fights are five minutes or until one combatant cries mercy or is knocked out.

All combatants bore responsibility for civilian deaths, said Jan Kubis, Special Representative for the Secretary-General.

Residents said combatants had traded machinegun-fire and rocket-propelled grenades after nightfall and snipers were active during the day.

More than 23,000 combatants from the North and South were reported dead, wounded or missing.

The combatants wear head protection and square off against each other, with one in a red vest and another in a blue vest.

Amid the fighting, the combatants have seized up to 150 Christians in the region.