colouration in a sentence

There are numerous factors that may influence colouration during glass production.

Over time such colouration often becomes very faded.

Body colouration is highly variable and diverse.

A young bird is distinguished by a uniformly dark gray colouration .

Many species will adopt subdued or otherwise abnormal colouration .

The colouration includes a reddish and light banded tail.

These differences are further corroborated by morphology and colouration .

In practice, red colouration became a unit identification.

Fish have sophisticated ways of using colouration .

Individuals are distinguishable by colouration and head shape.

This is referred to as structural colouration .

The bright colouration also makes the males more susceptible to predation.

The black and white colouration is noticeable from an early stage.

colouration known as “Dudley” is also possible.

A recessive gene causes the black colouration in these animals .

Males and females are similar in size and colouration .

As the goldfish age their colouration can change considerably.

Multiple colouration is common requiring multiple tying and retying.

There has been some confusion over its colouration .