collaboration in a sentence

Comic books as a medium promote collaboration.

His collaboration with Bhosle produced many hits.

This standard has been adapted by the WLCG collaboration.

This course is done in collaboration with the MTC Academy.

Blows developed early on into a collaboration with Grace Slick.

Listed below are the material collaborations that Nuvelo undertook.

In particular, the advisor to the general pushes for collaboration.

CLIM was the result of the collaboration of several Lisp companies.

collaboration is a valuable and necessary component of the community.

Competition and collaboration: Japanese Prints of the Utagawa School.

It is through communication that collaboration and cooperation occur.

The encounter resulted in a long-lasting collaboration and friendship.

Arranged in collaboration with Upsala Fäktning, a private fencing club.

Only one of these collaborations appeared on the final cut of the album.

TopoTarget is involved in collaborations with both academia and industry.

Currently participatory projects are underway in collaboration with IRRI.

Albert Einstein and Mileva Maric: A collaboration that Failed to Develop.

They published a few stories in collaboration, signing them “Jules Sand.”