cold weather in a sentence

In very cold weather much larger flocks appear.

Record cold weather events precede cooling climate change.

So intense cold weather is returning again .

What are your best cold weather tips?

River in sparkling form before cold weather .

Outdoor play in cold weather encourages more vigorous physical activity.

I welcome the changes affecting cold weather payments.

These performances often took place in extremely cold weather .

The cold weather package also remained unchanged.

This cold weather exacerbated the fuel problem.

During cold weather a black watch cap was allowed.

cold weather and utility uniforms are dark blue.

Wearing special clean suits over cold weather clothing.

The mountain is characterized by extremely cold weather .

Young boys usually went without clothes except in cold weather .

cold weather typically means frozen water and covered food sour.

The recent cold weather means most hostels are full.

During cold weather the music is moved inside .

Development slows greatly in extremely cold weather .

cold weather and wood smoke are synonymous.

An extended battery is crucial, especially during cold weather filming.

Limitations • Product efficiency is reduced during cold weather .

All this cold weather riding is taking its toll.

They are so great for cold weather .

We liked it very much despite the cold weather .