coat and tie in a sentence

1 People took off their coats and ties .

2 Appropriate attire is coat and tie .

3 I always like the mandatory coat and tie .

4 Philomathean candidates must attend three regular meetings in coat and tie .

5 All the men had their coats and ties on.

6 Appropriate attire for brothers and candidates is coat and tie .

7 And Kris Versteeg watched the game in a coat and tie .

8 Formal attire or coat and tie are the most popular forms of attire.

9 When Jess wears a sports coat and tie , she is most herself.

10 One was dressed nice beautiful new suit, coat and tie , a little hat.

11 Well , I had to find a coat and tie amidst all these boxes.

12 Officers working with the OSU searching teams are issued thicker winter coats and tie cord trousers.

13 I even put on a coat and tie and went to the Rotary Club.

14 Originally it was simply the Service Dress Khaki uniform worn without the coat and tie .

15 It is recommended that men wear dress slacks and shirt, or a coat and tie .

16 Men should be wearing a suit coat and tie and remove their hats in his presence.

17 For informal- or formalwear, a coat and tie (or bow tie) are compulsory.

18 Proper Attire Gentlemen should wear coats and ties (weather permitting), and ladies should dress accordingly.

19 Men who wear coats and ties at work all day want to remove these clothes and be relaxed.

20 A runaway from the town of Limmer; Sonnenfeld’s coat and tie were found at Haarmann’s apartment.

21 You are not expected to wear a coat and tie (men) or dress (women) to court.