coastline || in a sentence

The irregular coastline of Ghana stretches for 335 miles.

Canada has the longest coastline of any country in the world.

The islands of New Zealand boast an impressively long coastline.

Scotland has many scenic golf courses running along its coastline.

Sheer cliffs plunge into the Adriatic Sea along Albania’s coastline.

A storm has been battering the coastline with waves up to ten feet high.

The coastline of the Atlantic Ocean sinks about four inches every 100 years.

There are more than 35 countries in the world which have no ocean coastline.

Long stretches of the Libyan coastline lack an abundance of natural vegetation.

The coastline of the Atlantic Ocean sinks about four inches every 100 years.

Belgium’s only natural boundaries are the North Sea coastline and the Meuse River.

104125 Beirut’s coastline often makes many of the children feel safe.

But it has battered communities along the many coastlines on its path.

The ship was sailing a few hundred meters off the rocky Tuscan coastline.

The IS affiliate now controls at least two cities along Libya’s coastline.

But this time, the corgis were spread over nearly a mile of the coastline.

Begue had been cleaning the coastline when the aircraft debris was spotted.

Thanks to a long coastline, seafood, and particularly shellfish, is popular.

We have a long coastline and vast sea areas under our jurisdiction, he said.

Parts of the coastline dropped many feet and became inundated with saltwater.

792642 The Saudi-led coalition is in control of Yemen’s airspace and coastline.

The initial spill in 1970 contaminated 300 kilometres of Nova Scotia coastline.

It laid bare the extent of the flooding in the city and all along the coastline.

Visitors should note that winters can bring cool temperatures along the coastline.

The New England coastline is being whipped by near hurricane-force winds and waves.