co-written in a sentence

The novel has been co-written by Richard Preston.

Vitamin C has written or co-written many songs for other artists.

It was directed and co-written by Woody Allen.

These books were also co-written with Paul Stewart.

Of the eleven tracks, five were co-written by Billy.

Of its twelve songs, ten were co-written by Annie.

This album produced three singles, all co-written by McDonald.

Has written, or co-written , many computing and games books.

It is officially co-written by Peter J. Heck.

The track “Shadows” was co-written by Benjamin Burnley.

The entire album was co-written by Iglesias.

The film was co-written by science fiction author Joe Haldeman.

She is rehearsing a play co-written by Dickens and Collins.

The screenplay was co-written by Briggs and Keith Thompson.

The song was co-written by Dolby and George Clinton.

The film was co-written by Anderson and Owen Wilson.

This series was co-written with Aaron McCarver.

These items were co-written with Rob Colley.

The autobiography was co-written by Gil Reavill.

Each story is co-written by, and features the real life girls.

co-written by Carrie Fisher. 88 min.

All these releases carried tracks written and co-written by Marsters.

The film was co-written , produced and directed by Kosinski.

The title track was co-written by pop punk singer Avril Lavigne.

co-written with his son, Alan Morris.

Reyne had co-written the song with guitarist Mark Hudson in 1975.