cloning in a sentence

One very popular cloning method today is yeast recombination .

Here is another region for potential cloning .

We discuss marijuana cloning in more depth here.

The oldest method of cannabis propagation is water cloning .

Celia provided suitable tissue samples for cloning .

He opposes banning abortion and banning human cloning .

They warned lawmakers against failing to regulate human cloning .

The possibility of human cloning has raised controversies.

The script ended reviving Ripley via human cloning .

Examples are cloning objects and manipulating the global environment.

Never mind the idiotic cloning plot or strung together action sequences.

These carriers are referred to as cloning vectors.

And test 55 has some problems with cloning multi methods.

Same goes for cloning and artificial intelligence.

He proposes ways to accomplish this while banning reproductive cloning .

Read more about cloning and endangered species .

Research in cloning was undertaken during these years.

It is also used in cloning through nuclear transfer.

Doomsday was created through the process of cloning .

The company is the only firm offering commercial dog cloning .

The ethics of cloning is an extremely controversial issue .

The Board opposes human reproductive cloning but accepts human therapeutic cloning.

The Board opposes human reproductive cloning but accepts human therapeutic cloning .

A step-by-step interview guides administrators though the application server cloning process.

Advanced disk arrays often feature cloning , snapshots and remote replication.