clearance in a sentence

We cannot climb, and we cannot maintain clearance ‘cause of the clouds.”

Save as much as 80 percent on laptops when you shop the clearance section.

It has a great air suspension system and over 10 inches of ground clearance.

Both are scheduled to see doctors this week seeking clearance for their return.

The department still needs federal clearance before it can send them on operations.

Our ship needs the clearance from the parties in Yemen as well as from the coalition.

49250 And in the worst cases, it can lead to their security clearances being revoked.”

The military carried out the demolition orders after clearance from the supreme court.

He has been placed on administrative leave and his security clearance has been revoked.

‘We work with the RCMP and CSIS, I have security clearance and my background has been vetted.

Congress reauthorized the current Voting Rights Act preclearance formula just seven years ago.

The agency issues security clearances and compiles records of all federal government employees.

The plans were delayed when the airline failed to get clearance from Australia last time around.

In the 31st his good work forced the Montego Bay defence to make a hurried clearance for a corner.

Another attack targeted information of millions more Americans who applied for security clearances.

She also conducted salvage and wreckage clearance operations on a sunken Italian destroyer and towed HMS “Thruster” off a nearby beach where she had gone aground .