clarification in a sentence

We will need some clarification from the head office before we can sign the contract.

The first point that requires clarification is that the design was purely experimental.

The proposal was redrafted after being returned with a request for clarification on a number of issues.

Both Psaki and Earnest tweeted clarifications of their comments later.

She had previously not gone further than pledging a clarification of the matter.

Parts of his immigration views, however, await clarification on the campaign trail.

The Bundestag on Friday forced clarification, and rightly so, says DW’s Richard Fuchs.

We’ve reached out for further clarification and will update this post when we have it.

clarifications A previous version of the story listed the accused’s last name as Denny.

“We asked for clarification on what they mean and what they mean by the nine-dash line.

clarifications An earlier version of this story said Valizadeh posted nude photos of Nix.

Under Wednesday’s clarification, the “prosecution team” can appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

95515 A VW spokesman did not immediately return a phone call seeking clarification about that.

Kamradt-Scott called for clarification of when outside military help should be sought in future.

The parallels between the limits of political and judicial attempts at clarification are astonishing.