civilians || in a sentence

In any military conflict, there are always innocent civilians who are killed or injured.

According to the Koran, we must treat the enemy civilians and the innocents with kindness.

Over a million Soviet soldiers and civilians lost their lives during the siege of Stalingrad.

During World War Two, an average of 388,000 civilians were killed every month from 1939 to 1945.

Discussion question: Is following orders reasonable justification for killing innocent civilians? ordinary
Terrorism is defined as the deliberate targeting of civilians in order to create a climate of terror.

In March 1968, a platoon of United States troops massacred at least 100 Vietnamese civilians at My Lai.

In January 1999, rebels stormed Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, killing several thousand civilians.

Critics are charging that the United Nations-imposed embargo is mainly hurting children and innocent civilians.

There is presently a civil war in Burundi, and civilians, the Burundi military and government officials are being targeted.

In October of 1911, there was a massive revolt by both soldiers and civilians against the Manchu dynasty in Wuchang, China.

In March of 1995, the only Nigerian military ruler to have voluntarily handed over power to elected civilians was arrested.

In July 2002, an American court found two former Salvadoran generals guilty of allowing the torture of civilians during El Salvador’s civil war.

The British government originally estimated that some 600,000 civilians would be killed, and a quarter of a million would be wounded in the first two months of the Second World War.

civilians appeared to have fled the town before the operation began.

It’s not in the interest of the Houthis to target civilians, he said.

He added that 54 civilians have been buried in Kobani since Thursday.

The UN says it is trying to reach the civilians displaced from Ramadi.

In addition, 10 civilians are being held under a form of house arrest.

Local hospitals say at least two civilians were injured in the blasts.

We cannot fight ISIS while routinely killing civilians in the process.

Clinton also says a no-fly zone would create safe zones for civilians.

Holley says there are privacy concerns both for civilians and officers.

UNAMID documented the killing of 392 civilians across Darfur last year.

Putin has often cited the need to protect Russian civilians in Ukraine.