Civil authority in a sentence

civil authorities at times executed those convicted.

The local civil authorities weren’t pleased.

All reports of sexual abuse are forwarded to civil authorities .

When is a citizen forbidden to obey civil authorities ?

Jesus always avoided any conflict with civil authority .

It also includes military support to civil authorities .

He had little or no civil authority .

civil authority must take precedence over military action.

Military might rather than civil authority dominated the government.

civil authorities should prevent the production and distribution of pornographic materials.

civil authorities would take priority over military authorities.

The town leaders took the side of the civil authorities .

Jared: Who were the civil authorities ?

The exarchs had more or less complete military and civil authority .

Catholics did not allow divorce, but the civil authorities did.

What is the responsibility of civil authority in regard to chastity?

What are the duties of citizens in regard to civil authorities ?