citizenship in a sentence

He acquired American citizenship.

He will be given American citizenship.

Americans need only show proof of citizenship in order to visit Mexico.

Under the reign of tyranny, innocent people were deprived of their citizenship.

The most basic principle of citizenship is that people should govern themselves.

She was born in Thailand, and raised in Manitoba, and now she has dual citizenship.

Unlike men, the women of the Bahamas cannot transmit Bahamian citizenship to their foreign-born husbands
Unlike men, the women of the Bahamas cannot transmit Bahamian citizenship to their foreign-born spouses.

I think you have to live in this country for at least three years before you can take your citizenship exam.

Community colleges offer free language and citizenship programs to aid in the rapid integration of immigrants into our society.

Croatians living overseas are allowed to retain their citizenship, and even have partial voting rights for elections in their homeland.

No identification or proof of citizenship is required to receive care.

Asaad fired off desperate emails to citizenship and Immigration Canada.

957360 You cannot deny citizenship to children born in this country.”””

Pakistanis won several international citizenship and innovation awards.

922587 What alternative citizenship model should the U.S. adopt instead?

But revoking birthright citizenship, he said, “I just reject out of hand.”

Baher Mohamed, who has only Egyptian citizenship, was released without bail.

98070 Baloney meter: Is niqab ban needed to prove citizenship applicant’s ID?

He holds out hope that his children might be granted citizenship in Malaysia.

Watch: Teju Cole reflects on his American citizenship and Nigerian upbringing.

CRUZ: He said that ending birthright citizenship is “a view I have long held.”

We say the niqab should not be allowed for the citizenship ceremony and to vote.

If convicted, Sakoc, 55, could be stripped of his U.S. citizenship and deported.

I vote for the Liberals, because he helped us with our citizenship, Biondeli says.

Required information includes: name, address, place of birth, race and citizenship.

At least five of the other nine candidates have supported citizenship at one point.

Aug. 23: Walker takes three different positions on birthright citizenship in a week.

The party wants anyone who wears a niqab to remove it during a citizenship ceremony.

They are denied citizenship and have long complained of state-sanctioned discrimination.

Once the law is in effect, applicants will have a three-year window to seek citizenship.

Some 46 percent of Luxembourg’s residents are foreigners and do not possess citizenship.

The 19-year-old was born in Germany to South African parents and had German citizenship.