chondrite in a sentence

Other ways of classifying chondrites include weathering and shock.

They are ordinary chondrite meteorites and contain 10% iron.

The big meteorite found in Antarctica is an ordinary chondrite .

Type 3 chondrites show low degrees of metamorphism.

chondrites contain between 2 and 21 percent iron-nickel metal.

Only about 200 E-Type chondrites are currently known.

About 40 carbonaceous chondrite fragments have been collected in Antarctica.

There are currently over 27,000 chondrites in the world’s collections.

Their surface composition is similar to carbonaceous chondrite meteorites.

Meteorites from these first, primitive asteroids are called chondrites .

Carbonaceous chondrites are comparatively rich in mineralogically bound OH.

Aeroliths are further subdivided into two classes: chondrites and achondrites.

The various chondrite groups likely originated on separate asteroids or groups of related asteroids.

chondrites are often considered to be “the building blocks of the planets.

So-called carbonaceous chondrites are especially fertile reservoirs of stardust.

Carbonaceous chondrites are among the more precious and intriguing classes of Meteorites.

chondrite (n) A type of meteorite containing mineral spheres called chondrules.

Some meteorites, such as carbonaceous chondrites , contain carbonaceous material.

Alkanes have also been detected in meteorites such as carbonaceous chondrites .

The Chelyabinsk meteor was later determined to come from the LL chondrite group.

Is it possible that achondrites just have nothing to do with chondrites ?

Most meteorites are stony meteorites, classed as chondrites and achondrites.

Examination of recovered material shows it to have been a type I carbonaceous chondrite .

Iron carbonyl clusters were also observed in Jiange H5 chondrites identified by infrared spectroscopy.

Types 4, 5, and 6 chondrites have been increasingly altered by thermal metamorphism.

This carbonaceous chondrite meteorite has some of the oldest cosmic material in the solar system .

From the carbonaceous chondrites , we follow the trail to the most primitive materials.

Measurements of the resulting isotope ratios closely approximated those found in carbonaceous chondrite meteorites.

chondrites can be differentiated from iron meteorites due to their low iron and nickel content.

chondrites contain many small globules of olivine, pyroxene and other compounds rich in carbon.

S-types may share their composition with stony-iron or ordinary chondrite (OC) meteorites.