chintzy in a sentence

The Economist interviewed him in a chintzy suite at Claridge’s.

Many of us agreed that the last generation was a little chintzy and flashy.

He tucked the chintzy bed cover over his sleeping friend and switched off the light.

The bedrooms are attractively decorated with chintzy materials and antiques and have mini-bars and TVs.

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I keep thinking of Joyce’s lovely airy, chintzy fiat but any mention gets short shrift.

Or is it all an absurd hubbub about a machine that spits out chintzy plastic trinkets ?

We all live in chintzy little boudoir rooms and we can’t hang Rothkos on our walls.

The internal speaker is also a bit chintzy – but I suppose making a waterproof speaker is not easy .

Robyn dumped her holdall on to the floor and sank on to one of the chintzy sofas.

The drinks come out of the ‘Library’ and chintzy glasses brim with gently swaying honeyed liquid.

Robert Christgau gave the album an A rating, describing the tracks as “good, all chintzy “.

The other “supplements” of this special collector’s edition are a chintzy Christmas ornament and an eight-page booklet.

Some of the rough-hewn DIY video techniques are atmospheric and work well, while others are just chintzy and irritating.

I never would have appeared on that show and made a fool out of myself for a chintzy $250.

Now that the Senate is enduring one of its periodical chintzy scandals – when else do we hear about it ?

It was a pretty room, with pale green walls and a chintzy covered divan, piled with rose-coloured velvet cushions.

Inside, the ground floor is a busy tourist information centre, bedecked in all manner of chintzy gifts and nick-nacks.

The ’80s were officially stomped, and along with it, the chintzy , neon aesthetic of Southern California.