childbirth in a sentence

It is therefore suitable for urinary problems following childbirth .

The latter is more cohesive with beneficial hormonal function during childbirth .

There is a reason why nature demands natural childbirth .

What method of childbirth education is taught?

Women may experience heavy menstrual periods and blood loss during childbirth .

His counsel has long been sought by filmmakers documenting childbirth issues.

Mother dies of rare complication during childbirth .

It is also released during childbirth and orgasm.

Nor did the immensely dangerous business of childbirth .

It is therefore well indicated for urinary problems following childbirth .

Her materials are used in childbirth classes around the country.

Religion played a major role in antiquity including childbirth .

Employment of women within four weeks of childbirth is prohibited.

Warren died of childbirth complications in 1878.

We prepare for childbirth and infant care.

This question arises frequently with women after childbirth .

Both childbirth and milk ejection result from positive feedback mechanisms.

His wife died in childbirth in 1772.

The cervix plays a major role in childbirth .