Chicago in a sentence

Chicago hosted many dramatic speeches and historic moments.

Chicago reported steady vacancy and rental rates.

Chicago law firms are asked to sponsor individual schools.

Chicago was hit by freezing air temps.

Chicago wins 3–2 on aggregate.

Chicago maintains a thriving pop punk scene.

Chicago has 28 sister cities around the world.

Chicago has a distinctive fine art tradition.

Chicago is a major world convention destination.

Chicago is a deep talented offensive team .

Chicago has become quite the conference town .

Chicago has been hit particularly hard by gun violence .

Chicago has twice the national average asthma mortality rate.

Chicago currently ranks 10 th among U.S. cities.

I learned Chicago is pretty fantastic looking .

And Chicago has very stringent gun laws .

This Chicago bar rat has had nearly enough.

Federal home loan mortgage Chicago home loans education broker fees.

Chicago has been incorporated for 18 years now.

Chicago is more than big buildings and fun attractions.

Chicago fell three spots from # 18 to # 21.

Chicago drops five spots from # 11 to # 16.

Chicago is in the last 16 innings.

Chicago became 6–3 with the win.