Chic in a sentence

Definition of Chic

very fashionable and expensive; tastefully stylish

Use Chic in a sentence

Linda, in her casual chic clothes, was the most beautiful girl in the party.

She was wearing a chic leather coat with a collar of some kind of fur.

We will stay in a five-star hotel and we will eat in chic restaurants.

Marjorie needs to curb her chic tastes because she is getting seriously into debt.

They gave him an expensive and  chic executive briefcase as a gift on his fifth anniversary with the company.

I need chic clothes that are comfortable and easy to wear.

This new style makes me feel chic in every way.

Her Chelsea neighborhood is the hip home to chic restaurants and art galleries.

These chic iPad cases are tweaks on last season’s must-have bag.

A dinner  at a chic Paris restaurant cost me a fortune.

The city offers the choice in shopping ranges from department stores to chic boutiques.

We won a weekend in the lavish bridal suite of the most chic hotel in the city.