cheerful | in a sentence

He is a cheerful boy.

He is always cheerful.

They are very cheerful.

She is always cheerful.

She is a cheerful giver.

He talks very cheerfully.

He is a cheerful young man.

I like girls to be cheerful.

He grinned cheerfully at Tom.

He is a brave and cheerful boy.

She has a cheerful disposition.

He was a man of cheerful aspect.

He is not the cheerful man he was.

She is always cheerful and smiling.

We talked cheerfully over a cup of coffee.

He is not a cheerful guy, to say the least.

I get a kick out of her cheerful personality.

She is not the cheerful woman she was before.

Whether sick or well, she is always cheerful.

Father told me always to be brave and cheerful.

Her skirt was a cheerful shade of bright green.

He walked down the street whistling cheerfully.

We cheerfully discussed the matter over a drink.

My mother is carefree, cheerful and goodnatured.

She is loved by everybody because she is cheerful.