Chauffeur in a sentence

Definition of Chauffeur

one who drives a car for someone else as a job

Use Chauffeur in a sentence

He is a really reckless chauffeur , I wouldn’t fire him if I were you!

He’d worked as a chauffeur at the Mandarin Hotel in Hong Kong and drove 4 hours a day in total.

How much does your father earn as a chauffeur?

While most of her peers were chauffeur driven in the morning and afternoon, Farida’s mother  dropped her off.

Rich people usually hire more than one chauffeur.

On her right sat a good-looking young man in a dark chauffeur‘s uniform.

That same chauffeur had delivered them from their hotel.

Chauffeur of the car opened the door of the General and saluted him.

The chauffeur of a car which was in a serious accident took a breathalyzer test, and showed an alcohol level well over the limit.

The chauffeur of the car had to swerve suddenly to avoid hitting a young child who ran into the street after a ball.