Chastises in a sentence

Use Chastises in a sentence

Chastises meaning and collocations;

Meaning: [verb] criticize someone; to punish;

‘You’re a small idiot , ’ Sally chastised herself.

To chastise people for having different pleasures from your own is snobbish.

This week, they chastised police for not going after the thief.

If I chastise a student, I do it behind locked doors.

I had to chastise myself for drawing pessimistic conclusions when they were trying to help.

The judge at the time chastised police for a flawed investigation.

Tom said the school manager chastised him in front of his peers.

Don’t chastise yourself for laughing, or feeling normal when you are supposed to be grieving.

Lott chastised Clinton and congressional Democrats for introducing new spending programs.

He told his club’s website: “I can’t chastise the players, because I need them. I need to give them as much confidence as I possibly can.