charitable in a sentence

For charitable services to the NHS in South West Wales.

Harriman increased her charitable and political activity.

For charitable services to disadvantaged children in Russia.

1963-1968 In 1963, the Academy was granted charitable status.

The game is also used to raise money for charitable purposes.

A friend named Hassan suggested he travel to do charitable work.

She is famous for her charitable service and generous donations.

Some funds are earned through charitable gifts or estate planning.

He could no longer recall the name of the charitable organization.

The majority of Americans cannot deduct their charitable donations.

So if a gift promotes efficiency, then it is a valid charitable trust.

She helps poor women using her wealth through charitable organizations.

Let’s be charitable; The Stranger, WAS, when we first met him, crow bait!

The Charities Act 2006 provides the following list of charitable purposes.

He tried to alleviate this need through a variety of charitable activities.

He was active, energetic and very charitable in each and every walk of life.

These regulatory changes brought to an end the savings banks charitable nature.

This prompted him to forbid his charitable employee Lucas Johnson to serve her.

Now it has been taken of by the Hindu Education & charitable Society of Sonepat.

13 August 2008. “Preserving a family legacy: The Dennis Farm charitable Land Trust.”

649866 Fees and charitable status The school has donated to charitable Islamic causes.

Many local charitable organizations, both religious and secular, operate thrift shops.

Catholic charitable groups provided Martinez a temporary home at two youth facilities.

Some hospitals, such as Mahak for childrens cancer, are run by charitable foundations.

Stovetop kettles The Salvation Army uses soup kettles to collect charitable donations.

He began to strictly observe the prayers, to read the Koran, and to do charitable work.