characteristically in a sentence

Well, he finally put out the first details of this follow-up today — and in a very modern (if characteristically cryptic) fashion.

Most characteristically, the river valleys are deeply-dissected.

Bolton at this point made a bold and characteristically visionary decision.

Fr. Wagner, characteristically, supported their wives and families at his own expense.

characteristically, Parker would not hesitate to criticize this habit with caustic wit.

The Stors are characteristically silent around foreigners to their order, and wear white robes.

The audience bar is characteristically colored in red, and no continues are allowed upon game over.

characteristically, he is portrayed as similar in features and skin tone to the culture of the artist.

The official seal of the Congregation of the Religious of the Virgin Mary is characteristically Marian.

West’s characteristically heroic personal and historic vision is a result of these two contending forces.”

Both types of pitchers have a characteristically elongated peristome neck that may be 3 cm or more in length.

Captain Nick “Havoc” Parker Captain Nick “Havoc” Parker is a GDI commando with a characteristically bad attitude.

characteristically, the Zor are human in appearance, tall and slender with violet eyes, silvery hair, and pale skin.

Valencia Main article: Music of Valencia Traditional music from Valencia is characteristically mediterranean in origin.

Curlies are characteristically quiet, level headed horses that make excellent first horses for supervised beginner riders.

303415 characteristically, the Zor are human in appearance, tall and slender with violet eyes, silvery hair and pale skin.

Chavez characteristically declined a job offer from AWOC due to their hiring of contractors, which he felt undermined unionization.

Field ability This field dog characteristically is calm, gentle with children and well adjusted to living in the master’s dwelling.

Picasso presented the most durable homage to Velázquez in 1957 when he recreated Las Meninas in his characteristically cubist form.