changeover in a sentence

Effective separation of product types during changeovers .

The full changeover to colour transmission did not occur until 1975.

Higher productivity with faster product changeover and increased energy efficiency.

But that dramatic growth number hides a stark racial changeover .

With that massive changeover mathematics became fully grounded and necessary.

Coordinating the missile changeover required complex planning and execution.

Figure 5 shows the changeover at 90 degrees.

Complete changeover was achieved by 10 December 2013.

changeover date for weekly lets is Saturday.

The secret changeover in the night accomplished and left behind.

I had to wait until we had a changeover .

How does the changeover happen in an active office?

God’s hand is evident in the changeover .

The changeover time of this machine is quick.

This session is all about the changeover .

The day before the changeover , the exhaust pipe dropped off.

Ministry was later dropped from the bill after a management changeover .

A partial personnel changeover is planned mid-way through the season.

No other changes were made, which eased the changeover .

The changeover will be occurring in the next few weeks.