challenging in a sentence

Finding a galaxy’s mass is a challenging puzzle for scientists.

I like the new guy.

He’s not afraid to take on challenging work.

Tomorrow’s match is expected to be somewhat more challenging than today’s.

I much prefer a challenging job with lots of responsibility to an easy, boring job.

This latest mission to Saturn has been a particularly challenging engineering endeavor.

There are a number of hill climbs on the race that the riders will find quite challenging.

Chess is an intellectually challenging game requiring analytical skill in strategic moves.

Working as a janitor pays well, but I certainly don’t find it very intellectually challenging.

Small town soccer teams in Costa Rica often arrange matches by challenging other teams over the radio.

The students held their teacher in high esteem because she always made the class interesting and challenging.

Dominant male buffalo roam singly throughout their herd, searching for mating opportunities, and challenging each other.

There are a number of lesbian and gay couples who are currently challenging this country’s laws regarding same-sex marriages.

The mountains in the north of Chad would be a challenging climb for the adventurous if they weren’t off-limits due to possible guerrilla activity.

Feminism is about challenging the division of labor in the world that puts men in charge of the public spheres – work, government, etc.

– while women carry the entire burd
Kane’s statement says her term as chief has been “very challenging.”

Democrats are challenging plans drawn by a Republican-led legislature.

Arkansas reached a challenging compromise with the federal government.

654220 Supersonic parachutes are tremendously challenging,”” he said.”

B: A job that allows me to play to my strengths and is also challenging.