central in a sentence

The word “global” is central .

The central tram lane is clearer here.

The central spire is 252 ft high.

Most central nervous system cancers are brain tumors.

central sleep apnea is much less common.

The role was passive yet quietly central .

A few organizational central points are listed below.

Its central management support functions were disbanded.

A small central hearth was found beneath.

central city heritage tram system has been operated since 1995.

The last situation where masking occurs is called central masking.

The neurological complications per central nervous system lesions are increasingly reported.

The central idea was too ordinary”.

These are collectively called ” central venous lines”.

The central tower is 261 feet high.

central fixation was required during each rectangle display.

The central bank limits foreign participation through licensing limits.

The central development was binary code systems.

Other features include gas fired central heating.

The central area development came relatively easily.

The central lobby was several stories high.

central air hot air multi zone fuel source.

The house has full central heating throughout.

Full gas fired central heating is installed.

The central concepts are quite different from conventional medicine.