central heating in a sentence

Other features include gas fired central heating .

The house has full central heating throughout.

Full gas fired central heating is installed.

Oil central heating is fitted throughout the house.

Warm central heating is bad news for indoor plants.

central heating was very much in vogue.

It is ground floor situated and has central heating .

There are many smaller central heating systems spread around the country.

Her father ran a small central heating company.

The central heating was fixed at ninety degrees.

central heating pump provides the power.

The house has full double glazing and oil central heating throughout.

The whole property has a cosy oil fired central heating system.

Oil fired central heating and hot water.

The central heating was fired by oil.

From November 2009 defective gas central heating .

Hot water always available and central heating in winter months.

This helps with central heating and cutting fuel costs.

There is gas central heating and also gas cooking.

Has both oil fired central heating and an open fire.

central heating was prohibited “in the summer months”.

None of the houses had central heating .

This can be done via central heating .

These new apartments possessed the latest innovations including central heating .

I got the central heating on again.