cellphone in a sentence

The cellphone pocket really is about pointless.

His cellphone had been turned off during his flight.

Africa has seen an explosion of cellphone usage.

Nearly absolutely everyone possesses a smart cellphone these days.

The invention of the modern cellphone was developed here.

It was made for the regular cellphone users.

In which states are these cellphone searches legal ?

Their cellphone batteries died before police could trace a signal .

The charge appears on cellphone bills but is often overlooked .

Finding superior cellphone support can be challenging.

I think ALL cellphone tones are annoying.

Of course , the cellphone has more serious uses.

The cellphone video was allegedly captured in May .

The video ends with Hudson getting off her cellphone .

The true cost of a cellphone is $60,000.

The fact that it is a cellphone is immaterial.

In real life, cellphone battery is a part of cellphone.

In real life, cellphone battery is a part of cellphone .

Why is that person texting on her cellphone ?

Lately children have started favoring video games on cellphone and computer.

Carry a cellphone or a communication device.

Sean takes his picture with his cellphone .

However, the cellphone provider must be accessible.

Police recovered the vehicle and a cellphone .

Some wearing noise cancelling headphones, some deep in cellphone conversations.