ceasefire in a sentence

They agreed on ceasefire terms.

ceasefire talks concluded without progress Thursday.

Rebel forces have declared a unilateral ceasefire nationwide.

Both countries have agreed to the conditions for a ceasefire.

The new ambassador will push for a ceasefire to stop the killing.

So far, despite minor clashes, the ceasefire seems to be holding.

The ceasefire between the IRA and the British is still very fragile.

The United Nations General Assembly adopted the ceasefire resolution.

Each side in the conflict accused the other of violating the ceasefire.

Pakistan has accused India of violating the 14-month ceasefire in Kashmir.

After 5 years of fighting the two sides have finally agreed to a ceasefire.

Rebels in Sudan are offering a temporary ceasefire during peace negotiations.

Rebels attacked a government position this morning in defiance of the ceasefire.

In spring and summer, ponds and lakes are the site of ceaseless activity.

The Sri Lankan military and the Tamil Tigers agreed yesterday to honor the ceasefire.

Both sides in the conflict have stated their determination to comply with the ceasefire.

The war rages on while negotiators seek some kind of agreement to bring about a ceasefire.

Both sides in the conflict have agreed to a ceasefire pending negotiations for a peace agreement.

The rebels have declared a ceasefire in return for being included in negotiations for the peace accord.

The government has repeatedly called for a comprehensive ceasefire as a prerequisite for talks with the rebels.

The militant wing of the IRA has rejected calls for a ceasefire during peace talks with the British government.

The ceasefire is in danger now since negotiations between the two sides in the conflict have totally broken down.

The ceasefire came to a sudden, deadly end with the explosion of a car bomb in a busy public market this morning.

The Israelis and the Arabs have called a ceasefire, and are meeting in an attempt to bring an end to the conflict.

The senior European ceasefire monitor travelled to eastern Sri Lanka for meetings with guerrilla leaders yesterday.