Cavalcade in a sentence

Use Cavalcade in a sentence

Cavalcade meaning and collocations;

Meaning: [noun] a line or procession of vehicles, horses for ceromony ;

The Dean had provided me a horse, so I joined the cavalcade.

On the last weekend before Christmas, a cavalcade of four or five cars with neighbours and church members would embark on a drive out into the country.

Our cavalcade usually numbers four or five ladies.

Double gates opened automatically and the cavalcade moved inside the arena.

Last year, it was a cavalcade of bad news about me and my wife.

Royal cavalcades and dignitaries entered the palace through this gate.

With her cavalcade of scandals, they’d be delighted to hear all details.

Traditionally Carnivals include cavalcades of disguises and cultural activities.

Terrorists began it with a squad of suicide bombers and a cavalcade of automobiles.

Whenever possible, local people who had attained national celebrity status were invited to join the cavalcade.