Caustic in a sentence

Use Caustic in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective] chemically burning; criticizing someone in a rude and humorous way ;

Some drain cleaners are however caustic soda, so read the label carefully before you use it.

This is a caustic chemical and will cause chemical burns.

The water begins to turn poisonous, then caustic and deadly.

He would respond to questions with a caustic “What?”, feeling you very bad.

Underneath her caustic exterior, Gail is vulnerable and feels lonely.

Jennie wrote a brilliant and short–and caustic rebuttal.

Such drain cleaners and their acidic versions are highly caustic and should be handled with care.

She was so well-known for giving caustic reviews to what she considered bad performances that she earned the nickname “Acidy Cassidy.

He is better known for being caustic and irritable.

Characteristically, Parker would not hesitate to criticize this habit with caustic wit.

‘I can hardly see you,’ the boy replied caustically.