caustic in a sentence

An optical phenomenon called a caustic crossing suddenly caused the light from the distant star to get brighter when viewed from Earth.

In 1984 output of caustic soda was 2.22 million tons.

Ao of the Opals, “saturnine, with a pointed black beard and a caustic manner.”

Characteristically, Parker would not hesitate to criticize this habit with caustic wit.

Often the semitone was exploited harmonically as a caustic dissonance, having no resolution.

Gustav becomes intrigued by Anna’s scars and caustic manner and offers to perform plastic surgery on her.

Alternatively, his energy expressed in caustic drawings: «La diarrhée intellectuelle», «Les vernissages».

Contact with wet concrete can cause skin burns due to the caustic nature of the mix with cement and water.

They withstand chemical erosion that occurs in other materials subjected to acidic or caustic environment.

Hydrazine has its own disadvantages, being a very caustic and volatile chemical as well as being toxic and carcinogenic.

From Brownsville it was shipped out and six shiploads of approximately 150 000 mt was sent to Norway for caustic cleaning.

The process also eliminates the need for hazardous caustic, acid, and flux baths required to prepare parts for hot dip galvanizing.

Hydrolyzable, water-soluble, and caustic-soluble toner resins have been reported, but do not appear to enjoy wide-spread application.