catch up on in a sentence

I will catch up on my homework tonight.

He had enough to do to catch up on his work.

We have to catch up on our work as soon as possible.

The secretaries need to catch up on their filing.

Things are piling up, and we can’t find stuff when we need it.

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“I can lie on the couch and catch up on the whole thing this weekend.”

catch up on the series with special marathons, Friday at 11pm ET and Saturday at 7pm ET.

But a long flight is a good time to catch up on reading – if you’re not asleep, that is.

When she returned to school, she found it difficult to catch up on the work she’d missed.

I try to find ways to catch up on life when work slows down, before new challenges emerge.

They will only have a matter of hours to spend together, to catch up on the lifetime they missed.

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