catastrophical catastrophically in a sentence

Housing prices in the town dropped catastrophically after the factory closed down.

This is geology on steroids, so to speak, where things are happening quickly and catastrophically.

Frozen solid, in “Snowpiercer,” owing to a bungled effort by the world’s nations to rein in global warming that went catastrophically awry.

Studies of bony fishes have found that some species react catastrophically to acidified water, while others are quite tolerant, Jutfelt said.

The malfunctions are often catastrophical.

catastrophically, the potion is poisonous, and the tragedy takes its course.

The faulty left-hand engine failed catastrophically as the aircraft approached the airport.

Now a newcomer has entered the game and the result is catastrophically interesting.

The latest batch of ice core samples suggests that climate changes can occur gradually or catastrophically.
Why, before the war , were the conditions in Iraq after It’so catastrophically misjudged?

Sand dust storm is a catastrophically climate mainly occurring in arid or semi – arid region.

Asas 1842, a temperance crusader named Robert Hartley warned that city milk was catastrophically tainted.

But Panama was all jungle , torrential rain , malaria and yellow fever , and the French failed catastrophically.