catastrophic | in a sentence

The volcano caused catastrophic damage to the villages nearby.

Our shortage of rainfall this year is catastrophic for local farms.

Our planet is currently experiencing a catastrophic rate of species extinction.

Housing prices in the town dropped catastrophically after the factory closed down.

A recent study shows that the Arctic ice-cap is melting at an unprecedented rate, with potentially catastrophic consequences.

Scientists believe that at various times in the distant past huge volumes of water were released on Mars resulting in catastrophic flooding.

Such a result would represent a catastrophic failure for the Ukip machine.

The UN has described the humanitarian situation in Yemen as “catastrophic.”

It’s not known what catastrophic event killed off the herd at the same time.

Atlanta television station WSB said he suffered “catastrophic organ failure.”

The failure to stand up to political pressure from the US has been catastrophic.

The security situation is catastrophic and the country is sliding into civil war.

A civil war in Yemen could have a catastrophic impact on regional and global security.

376805 In those days, the risk was a catastrophic nuclear war between two superpowers.

The results of decriminalization of the sex trade are catastrophic for women and girls.

In short, it will avoid problems that would have catastrophic results on Africa’s growth.

84439 As we can see catastrophic predictions are just that – predictions that mean nothing.

But the catastrophic state of international religious freedom affects more than the victims.

The implications of a complete unraveling of government institutions would be catastrophic.”

Is that what’s still on this table after this, what many of us believe is a catastrophic deal?

The United States’ most catastrophic oil spill will cost the firm more than a billion dollars.

A catastrophic twister leveled downtown in 1953, killing 114 people and injuring hundreds more.