catastrophic in a sentence

Air and water pollution are nearing catastrophic levels.

The battle itself was a catastrophic defeat for the Yamato forces.

catastrophically, the potion is poisonous, and the tragedy takes its course.

This protects the chamber from catastrophic failure due to over pressurizing.

In 1948, the OFAR budget was slashed from $728,000 to $503,000, a catastrophic drop.

In 1971, he created a papal office for economic development and catastrophic assistance.

But it is mostly in summer that strong showers may provoke catastrophic floods and landslides.

Another synchronicity event, he said, would be much more catastrophic, now that Fettel is an adult.

Then a conventional catastrophic event The Great Smog of 1952 in London killed at least 8000 people.

Ivan was considered a particular threat to the New Orleans area because dangers of catastrophic flooding.

Since actual lamps are not designed to handle this much power, this would result in catastrophic failure.

Sadly, these kind gestures often resulted in a catastrophic event causing him to get scolded by his mother.

In 4th edition, there are five major dragon families: catastrophic, chromatic, metallic, planar and scourge.

One particularly catastrophic attempt to biologically control this species occurred on South Pacific Islands.

No catastrophic incident has ever occurred during an extra-vehicular activity, and no astronaut has ever died during one.

In the episode, Homer becomes ashamed of his family after a catastrophic company picnic and decides to enroll them in therapy.

The individual pairs the MSA with a ‘ catastrophic insurance’ plan, which has lower premiums than plans with lower deductibles.

Realizing that it would be catastrophic if it dropped while the eclipse was still active, he uses sound waves to keep in place.

In addition many large sky-scrapers use a coating around main structural elements to prevent catastrophic weakening during a fire.

Torias was piloting a new Starfleet shuttle when it experienced a catastrophic system failure and crashed, costing Torias his life.

Unfortunately, it was prone to the block becoming porous and coolant mixing with the oil, resulting in catastrophic engine failure.