cat eye in a sentence

Another apparent aspect is the inherent attribute of cat eye glasses.

These beautiful cat eye sunglasses are the epitome of pretty detailing.

The creatures have cat eyes , with vertical pupils.

cat eye s are made from shimmering faux crystals.

The paint is wearing away and cats eyes are not being replaced .

He sees real good with that cat’s eye .

It is the gem with the finest cat’s eye .

And cat eye s , though the retroreflective property isn’t why.

The Iriomote cat’s eyes are a light amber color.

Also in 1934 Percy Shaw invented the cat’s eye .

The Cat’s Eye Nebula is a favorite among astronomers.

Paint the cat’s eyes with yellow glitter glue and let dry.

So why should you give Cat’s Eye a chance?

From the floor, his mother’s cat eye d him viciously.