Casualty in a sentence

use Casualty in a sentence


[noun] a person hurt or killed in an accident or war;

Police fear more casualties may be found when firemen are able to get into the rest of the burning building.

Casualties from the earthquake totalled about 4,500 killed and 2,000 injured, and property damage in the millions of pounds.

Our army has inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy.

Truth and integrity seem to have become the first casualties of this dirty election campaign.

Many of the casualties in the battle appear to have been accidentally shot by their fellow soldiers.

The police fired tear gas and rubber bullets into the crowd of demonstrators, causing numerous casualties.

The number of casualties of yesterday’s terrible soccer violence is estimated at over 25 injured, and one man dead.

Eaton’s department store chain was one of the first major casualties of the war with the major American megastores.

The American Civil War resulted in a half million casualties (including over 350,000 deaths) for the Northern forces, and over 480,000 casualties (and almost 260,000 deaths) for the South.