Castigate in a sentence

Use Castigate in a sentence


Meaning: [verb] to criticize or punish someone severely;

Opponents castigated the law as opening young people up to drug use.

Even so, lawmakers castigated the proposed bill for not being strict enough.

Clinton has been castigated for allowing limited media access to her campaign.

He later left the prison and castigated torture methods used by the police.

Two years ago, the province and police castigated CBC News for reporting on a leaked copy of the document.

McNelly was wounded, and in a newspaper interview he later castigated the local sheriff for not finding the weapons.

He completely castigated the agreement and proposed 129 textual changes to the document.

This workers’ organization and its leadership were castigated by the corporate media.

Samuel castigates Saul for not waiting, telling him that as a result his kingdom will not last.

He was castigated by a teacher and told he was letting the school down.

A Kenyan journalist who resides in the US has on several occasions castigated the US government for its nonchalant approach to the issue.