cartoons in a sentence

She said she personally found the cartoons offensive.

Even the more recent strips border on decent quality cartoons .

I consider my cartoons my social object.

Seeing the cartoons is like visiting old friends.

Once they began airing these cartoons were enormously popular.

His cartoons and writings demonstrate this vividly.

The children viewed cartoons to assess their empathy.

Islam is frequently subject of his cartoons .

I wanted real illustration as opposed to cartoons .

It also publishes satirical cartoons and jokes.

These cartoons initially competed with the nationally broadcast ones.

I am 52 and still enjoy watching some cartoons .

We lost all the erm cartoons original cartoons.

We lost all the erm cartoons original cartoons .

He used quaint little cartoons to emphasize the details.

The are two major saving graces of ed cartoons .

In 1986 he left architecture and began drawing political cartoons .

And Popeye is merely showing clips from old cartoons .

Doc subsequently appeared solo in six more Universal cartoons .

Warner Bros. cartoons occasionally referenced the story.