carport in a sentence

There are a total of 22 carport spaces .

There is a brick built Moorish style carport for 4 cars.

This is a fully fenced home with a carport .

The same system may be used as a carport .

Our carport became the hub of the neighborhood.

You converted your carport into a beauty shop.

All except ” carport ” refer to outdoor multi-level parking facilities.

Beautiful trees and a carport to boot .

We offer steel carports and metal carports at affordable prices.

We offer steel carports and metal carports at affordable prices.

Outside, there is a carport and log store.

Did I mention the guys in the carport ?

He had found chainsaw and fuel in the carport storage chest.

A double carport and a tastefully rendered finish.

Inner lobby: Door leading to carport with garden beyond.

Next , they have carports for your parking.

Think commercial rooftops, carports , residential homes , and more.

Please use the entrance by the carport for this is easier.

They’re a standard, but they like your carport .

The carport and Land-Rover obstructed Trent’s view of the windows.

Salvageable materials should be spread to dry in a carport or garage.

Cars from family visitors and those working on the carport lined the streets .