Carping in a sentence

Use Carping in a sentence


Meaning: [verb, noun]to keep complaining; constant criticism, continuous complaining ;

Our customers often carp that goods are not diverse and very expensive.

As for living in Japan, I have nothing to carp about.

If you don’t vote, you shouldn’t carp about the government not doing what you want.

Callers to the radio station jammed the telephone lines to carp about the government’s plans to shut down some local schools.

After enduring three years of ” carping ” from critics, Carey planned her return to music.

Instead of carping we should congratulate Sarah Greene on her fine acting debut.

He goes to all the meetings of the city council to carp about the development in his neighborhood.< I'm appalled at the idiotic carping at Andrew Jennings as if he’s done something wrong.

Critics are always carping that all Hollywood puts out these days are mindless, escapist entertainments of no substance.

Customers carp about lengthy waits on Friday and Saturday nights, and during winter cold snaps.