carpenter in a sentence

The carpenter had to shave a bit of wood off the door frame before installing the screen door.

The carpenter made some modifications to our cupboard, so I could store the vacuum cleaner there.

Singer Karen carpenter had an eating disorder and wouldn’t eat and eventually starved herself to death.

Three straight singles by carpenter, Heyward and Holliday made it 3-0.

As any carpenter knows, building a good home takes time, money and skill.

They call it the Walrus & carpenter Picnic, after the Lewis Carroll poem.

Zanis, a carpenter, drove all night from Illinois to deliver the crosses.

The Jets also signed G James carpenter, who won a Super Bowl with Seattle.

The Wildcats were led by Will carpenter and D. Porter with nine points each.

The display was provided by Friends of the carpenter, a faith-based day center.

The carpenter also made a cross for Pope Francis to carry at a memorial service.

Vuozzo worked as a carpenter’s assistant, and in a fish plant and on a road crew.

Bill had a special talent for home construction and was a gifted finish carpenter.

Born at Grider, she was the daughter of the late Daniel and Fannie Goble carpenter.

The house looks like it’s 1975 and Donna Summer has just hit the stage, carpenter said.

Except it did happen here to Jeremy Ryan Cook, a young aspiring carpenter from Brampton.

He was a member of Kinard Community Holiness Church and worked in construction as a carpenter.

Doctors describe carpenter‘s recovery as “excellent” and say she’s getting stronger every day.

Pastor Tim carpenter is still healing from the injuries he received while trying to help Hummons.