carousel in a sentence

He looks up, and he sees her on the carousel.

The goods therefore go round in a ‘carousel‘.

A carousel provides rotation about a vertical axis.

Any rotating platform may also be called a carousel.

This is all written on a plaque at the entrance to the carousel.

The county also has budgeted $1 million for a new enclosure for the carousel.

Unlimited ride passes are sold at the carousel, Ferris wheel and Kiddy Play Land.

The terminal also has 2 baggage carousels and push carts for passengers’ baggage.

carousel refers to a grouping of slot machines, usually in a circle or oval formation.

In November 1963, Shrake was dating Jada, the star dancer at Jack Ruby ’s carousel Club.

In its own unique style, England was also rapidly developing a carousel-making tradition.

The architectural relationship is much akin to the order carousel in a short order diner.

Chronology of the Rides and Attractions Columbia carousel is Great America’s signature ride.

This convenience is also found in the Customs hall, which has large baggage / cargo carousels.

She was found stabbed with a knife, seated on a carousel horse after the Policeman’s charity event.

Mechanical carousels would rotate the carts in and out of multiple tape players as dictated by the computer.

Within KidZone there is a birthday bungalow, carousel Cafe, a snack bar, and an endangered species carousel.

The Ferry County carousel is one of only seven classic wooden carousels in Washington and possibly the oldest.

The set was a brightly coloured and stylised park containing the eponymous roundabout (a fairground carousel ).

635981 If the lucky person grabbed themselves a brass ring, they were the winner of a free ride on the carousel.